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How to plan out years "term time working request - anyone good with letters?

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MrsHarrisonFord Wed 02-Sep-09 16:29:33

My boss has verbally agreed to my request for term time working (I know I am so grateful) I have done a a letter request and need to demonstate week by week how my hours would work - for thenest school year.
I started off in letter but its a mess then I went to pages of outlook - but too long anyone got any ideas on how i display this? so my manager doesnt have too hard a fight when with his boss? as I really need this to work.

anyone got any good ideas for me as am rubbish at this formal stuff.


twinklytoes Wed 02-Sep-09 22:51:52

could you not add a table?

column one - date period
column two - hours to be achieved in that period
column three - on leave and state whether paid or unpaid.

am thinking that each school half term = one date period.

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