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pro rata of bonus whilst on maternity leave

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rafa Tue 01-Sep-09 23:13:38

Just wondered if anyone else had had this problem? Had to put up with a pro rata bonus last year (v small bonus anyway!) as was on mat leave for 3 months, have a feeling company are going to try and do the same this year as mat leave was spread over 3 months of this year aswell. Does anyone know if a company is within their rights to do this? I have a feeling i am being unfairly penalised here, would appreciate any thoughts/similar experiences ......

kateGB Wed 02-Sep-09 22:38:48

I think you're on a loser here. My bonus last year was done on a pro-rata basis because they could get away with it.

Our bonus was paid in accordance to personal and company performance (which is complete bollocks actually as it depends on "the pot" available). As I was only there for three months last year I only got 3 months worth.

It sucks on one hand - on the other if you were in the position where you had worked a full 12 months but a colleague who had been on mat leave for 9 months got the same bonus wouldn't you be a bit PO'd?

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