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pro rate of bonus whilst on maternity leave

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rafa Tue 01-Sep-09 23:12:42

Just wondered if anyone else had had this problem? Had to put up with a pro rate bonus last year (v small bonus anyway!) as was on mat leave for 3 months, have a feeling company are going to try and do the same this year as mat leave was spread over 3 months of this year aswell. Does anyone know if a company is within their rights to do this? I have a feeling i am being unfairly penalised here, would appreciate any thoughts/similar experiences ......

30ish Wed 02-Sep-09 08:04:40

When I was on maternity leave I was awarded a pay rise (I know this is not the same as a bonus but thought it might help). The rise was backdated 6 months so everyone who got a similar pay rise got a nice lump sum and a pay rise each month from then on. As I was on maternity leave I didn't recieve the lump sum or rise as maternity pay is calculated on your salary 14 weeks before your maernity leave strats. very unfair!

pleasechange Wed 02-Sep-09 08:06:56

rafa I got a pro rata bonus as well (I checked and they're allowed to do this - unfortunately)

flowerybeanbag Wed 02-Sep-09 09:50:50

If it's something like a universal amount paid to everyone, like a Christmas bonus or something like that, then you should get the whole thing.

if it's performance-related bonus, and your pay is normally comprised of a salary plus bonus, then they are right to pro rata it. In the same way as you don't receive salary while you are on maternity leave, so your annual salary is effectively pro rated for any year involving some maternity leave, the same can be applied to bonuses.

In terms of payrises 30ish, although obviously you won't benefit from the new salary level until you are back at work, if there is a pay rise that is effective while you are on mat leave, your SMP should be recalculated and then backdated. See here.

rafa Wed 02-Sep-09 22:11:59

thanks for the info everyone, no wonder women end up earning so much less than men over their careers!! Looks like my company are in thier rights then, just thought they may have been a little more generous as maternity pay is statutory. Will have to start saving before I try and have the next one wink

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