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Refused demotion on return from Maternity Leave - Success Story!!!

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Hurricane2009 Mon 31-Aug-09 15:34:43


I am please to use this forum to tell a successful story. On my return from Maternity Leave, my employer wanted to demote me, based on the fact that I have been on Maternity leave. The announcement was done in a patronizing manner as if they were doing me a favour by giving me a job at all. Immediately I started the informal stage of the grievance process. I consulted a solicitor who instructed me on what to do and the exact law to quote. Next, I emailed to my boss, CC to Human Resources and my trade union, saying that I refused the demotion and that according to the Maternity and Parental rights law, I had the right to return to the same job as if I had never left, but if not possible I should be offered one at the same level, pay, conditions etc. I also stressed that as an employer they had the duty of care in terms of supporting me back at work, including the provision of any training if necessary. My employee still tried to mess a bit, changing the story by saying that I was being offered a lower job because I did not have a certain set of skills, which I pointed that out that the information was only given after my complaint and that legally that did not count. I also requested to have a formal meeting with my union representative and solicitor present. A couple of days later I received an apology from my boss and was offered a job at the same level, pay and conditions as before I left. My advice to any mum going back to work is keep a diary, stand up for your rights and if you can, join a union. My trade union was fabulous in supporting me. Of course I was scared and very stressed out, considering this economic crisis and the fact that DH has been made redundant. But fear is the worst enemy you can have.

StripeySuit Mon 31-Aug-09 16:33:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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