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Reducing Hours and Reducing advice needed

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blueduck Fri 28-Aug-09 11:44:19

I am currently in negotiations with work.

Rather than make someone redundant they have chosen to reduce our pay and pro-rate our hours which is fine since I would far rather have some work than no work.

The only issue is that some of our team seem to have a newer contract from mine which states their finish time as slightly later than mine (half an hour).

We are all being offered the same earlier contractual finishing time under our new deal, however this means that I'm being offered a 5 hour reduction in my week and everyone else a 7.5 hour reduction in their week but we are all taking the same percentage pay cut.

It doesn't make much difference in practice to me as I will probably still end up doing the hours I do now (which are over and above what I am "contractually" required to do (I'm in a profession where working your contractual hours is not deemed to be the "done thing" sad) but what I don't want to happen is when we go back to "usual" hours I go back to the same finishing time as everyone else as effectively our salary and hours will be put back up to where they were at previously.

I need the slightly earlier finish time for pick up for childcare reasons on one of my days in (although didn't have that requirement when I first joined as I had no kids but it now suits me)

The person dealing doesn't seem to be aware of my contract terms but I've asked him to go back to check ....

Presumably they can't offer some of my team something more preferable than me can they?

Many thanks

flowerybeanbag Fri 28-Aug-09 14:50:05

Well they can, but you can refuse. It's probably just them not being aware, but you should ensure this comes out, and your pay cut is reflective of your hours. You also need to ensure that any communication about returning to previous hours has the correct hours for you.

blueduck Fri 28-Aug-09 22:28:23

Thank you fact i went back and stood my ground and suggested the core hours I'd do and it's been accepted.....

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