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non cash benefits during maternity leave

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america Fri 28-Aug-09 07:59:40

My apologies if this has been covered in earlier threads.

I'm on maternity leave and my employer is absolutely clueless of the new law. After discussions they agreed to pay the childcarevouchers during maternity leave but continued to charge my pension contributions at the same level as they were when I had my full salary. Surely this is not right?

They also require me to pay for the usage of my mobile phone (provided by them) albeit they never charged for personal use while I was working. Did I understand correctly document Flowery posted here earlier that they shouldn't do this?

As they are making me redundant upon returning to work, I try not to pay anything extra. Can somebody advice please?

cocolepew Fri 28-Aug-09 19:54:02


Cosette Fri 04-Sep-09 12:15:54

pension contributions are normally a % of salary aren't they, so I would think it would be the same % of whatever your are now getting whilst off on maternity leave? Charging for personal use of a mobile phone is something they should do I believe, because there are tax implications of not doing it (ie it becomes a benefit). But they should be treating everyone the same - are they charging colleagues also?

Are you happy they are fairly making you redundant?

You need FloweryBeanBag for a more informed opinion though..

flowerybeanbag Fri 04-Sep-09 13:10:53

Employers pension contributions should be the same as they would be if you were at work.

Your pension contributions should be based on the money you are receiving, so if they are a percentage, then the actual amount should go down.

If you are normally entitled to personal use of a mobile phone then this is a contractual benefit and should continue through maternity leave. It would normally be a taxable benefit, and do double check that this is not a general policy change, but if everyone else gets a phone for personal use and you usually do as well, then that should continue.

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