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new job and swine flu

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ivegotahousefull Thu 27-Aug-09 09:06:05

hi, i started a new job monday, going from a part time job to a full time one. Good idea in theory, since we need the extra income, however, i am finding it difficult with four children, but hopefully that will settle once i get into a routine!

I went to work monday and tuesday no problem, found it difficult, but doable, however, tuesday night was up all night with chronic sickness and diaorreah, called my new boss yesterday morning, told him i wouldnt be in, as i couldnt leave bathroom, he said fine, get yourself sorted and see you tomorrow, i said fine.

As yesterday wore on, and the sickness eased a little i developed flu like symptons, achy joints etc,,, thought nothing of it.

My mum called me this morning to see how i was feeling, i said terrible, she mentioned i could have swine flu,,, called the pandemic help line, who verified i do have swine flu, need tamiflu,,, called my new employer back, told him i got swine flu, he asked me what happens next. told him i would come into work if needed, and share it, he said no way!! So my questions are, can he finish me for being off ill? and how long do i need to be off work for?


flowerybeanbag Thu 27-Aug-09 09:20:00

Yes as you've been in the job such a short time, your employer could dismiss you if he wants to.

However as it is obviously a genuine one-off case of illness, rather than a pattern of suspicious headaches and tummy upsets on Fridays and Mondays, for example, I would imagine he'd rather ride out a week or so of absence rather than go through the palaver of recruiting someone else.

In terms of how long you will need to be off, I imagine the pandemic helpline/NHS direct or your GP will be able to answer that. When you feel better I guess!

ivegotahousefull Thu 27-Aug-09 09:35:40

thank you for your response flowery, i shall start job hunting again in earnest then, my employer was ok but not happy when i rang him, obviously hes going to be suspicious the same as i would be, however, my brother is a good friend of his, which is how i got the job , so hopefully he will know that i am not swinging the lead!!

Just another to question, to everyone who works full time with a family, how do you all manage housework and households with a full time job? My husband works away for two weeks at a time, so during them two weeks, i have to manage alone

flowerybeanbag Thu 27-Aug-09 09:38:26

I wouldn't panic about assuming he's going to sack you and job hunting just yet! Especially while you are ill.

As I said, for something like swine flu, a one-off period of absence, rather than a pattern of unreliability, he is much less likely to be suspicious and give you the benefit of the doubt to avoid having to recruit again.

Get yourself better, get back to work, work hard and prove your commitment and hopefully you'll be fine. If not, job hunt then.

ivegotahousefull Thu 27-Aug-09 09:43:49

thanks for your help flowery i much appreciate it x x

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