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My maternity cover has been

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Agithe Thu 20-Aug-09 11:23:32

I have just returned to work after 6 months on ML. Shortly after I left, there were some major organisation changes with mergers and redundancies. There were resfhuffling of responsibilites and my role was extended to work with another team (no extra pay as same hours and level of responsibility. It has now become apparent that there is a resource issue in my original position and my boss has just extended my maternity cover's temporary contract to work on projects that I use to work on before the postition changed. It was those projects I most enjoyed working on and now feel that my job is somehow devalued and less interesting. I am so upset about it. I dont think I can do anything about it as the new postition is temporary (probably will become permanent in a few months) and my position is still permanent. Has anyone experienced a similiar situation?. I desperately need the job, cant rock the boat and not want to create a bad atsmosphere by raising it.

Has anyone experienced situation where their maternity cover was 'fantastic' and 'a

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