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Please can someone help me.

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horseshoe Fri 27-May-05 13:50:49

The office that I work in is really bad for gossip and it's all getting too much especially since I am 6 weeks pregnant.

My boss called me in today to ask me about a lunch I had saying that he has been back from a 2 week break for 2 days and he has heard all manner of things.

I laughed as the lunch in question was just a girlie lunch but he said that as it was one of the girls birthdays that weekend it was made to look like only a select few were invited. Since then there have been various emails about who we sla*ged off that lunchtime, none of which is true as we didn't discuss work. I'm really annoyed as I'm entitled to lunch with whom I please. I wish I had said something more at the time but I didn't and now I am absolutely fuming.

This continues all of the time and I know I can leave in seven months but I want to make a stand about this.

How do I go about it?

Do you think I should speak to the girls involved. I fear if I do it will only make the situation worse.

merryberry Fri 27-May-05 14:10:52

I'd have a word with others who had this lunch and the boss (what is he on worrying about this stuff??) to say what you'd like to say then go for it. Personally I'd puncture the whole pile of nonsense asap by stating to everyone 'a few of us had lunch, i hear there have been some concerns. I'd like to go on record as saying we did not discuss work at this lunch. thank you for your attention.'

?? any use?

horseshoe Fri 27-May-05 16:49:57


Thank you, I took your advice and have just done exacty as you said. I feel so much better in myself for doing it and found out that he was basically just fishing for info as it had all gone off while he was away.

I'm annoyed I allowed myself to be sucked in by it but others have comforted me by saying it's what he does.

merryberry Fri 27-May-05 17:17:27

oh wow. glad to help. hope the gossipers don't drive you nuts in this pg!

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