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Anyone out there a sports nutritionist or dietician?

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thedailymailiscrap Sat 15-Aug-09 10:28:53

This question is on behalf of dd who's considering what A'levels to take and what she might be interested in as a career.

She's predicted good GCSE grades across sciences, arts and languages and is very interested in sport and fitness.

So she's wondering about a possible career in nutrition, ideally sports nutrition - eventually working with elite athletes to enhance performance.

Anyone out there have any advice about this as a career?

She can look up the universities with the relevant dietetics degree courses herself, but it would be good to know what the prospects would be like (including salary - she's a born shopper!)

Other career options she's considering are family or criminal law (possibly a joint law/Spanish degree) or sport journalism.


skihorse Fri 21-Aug-09 21:57:52

Biology, Chemistry + a "soft option" for dietitian. She'd be lucky to make (serious) money - she'd have to be affiliated for example with a sport's club.

Sport's journalism? She'd be lucky to break even - I know a lad who does this and does OK... well, he barely breaks even - but he had a big inheritance which helps.

Law + languages would probably be the best option if she's chasing money - particularly if she looks East (Brussels).

thedailymailiscrap Wed 26-Aug-09 20:21:24

Thanks skihorse.

She'll have her GCSE results tomorrow. I think she's set on a language, history, English and biology for A'levels - if she she'd have to have chemistry at A'level, it would put her off being a dietician/nutritionist - that was the science she enjoyed least.

She has some time yet to consider career options - I hope work experience over the next couple of years will make it clearer for her.

I know a bit about sports journalism and you're right about the money, although it does depend where you work - it is possible to make a decent living from it but it's long and unsocial hours which isn't so good long-term.

skihorse Thu 27-Aug-09 17:31:41

The guy I know doing it is a football journalist and his wife told me he's only making 17-18k and this is working in London! shock As I say, he had a large inheritance so this is just pocket money for him.

I hope she's happy with her results!

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