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Anyone work for GLS/gone back to law after a career break?

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TheHappyCat Thu 13-Aug-09 17:54:18

Repeat posting from the back to work page:
Am contemplating my return to work after maternity leave... am a City PSL. I am considering not returning and taking a career break of five years or so (and having one more child). However I wonder if I would be able to get back into law after a break of this length and - because I am not really enjoying what I have been doing - whether anyone has successfully retrained/entered the GLS after taking such time out.
I would love to do Tax, or administrative law even - one attraction of the GLS is that it does seem open to movement within it and between specialities.
Also interested in any experiences of people who've gone back to law in the private sector after a career break, but for some reason I think the GLS may be more open to someone who needs retraining. Is this even right?
I would love to hear thoughts and advice from people who've been there.

weaselbudge Fri 14-Aug-09 15:04:14

I am in similar position - have just resigned as private practice city lawyer. My view is that a lot depends on the quality of your CV - eg were you at a well-thought of city firm before you took the career break.what/how much experience do you have? I am really worried about my CV going completely stale and I would love to work at the CAB or do something pro bono to keep it current. Unfortunately that is impossible as can't afford childcare if job is voluntary (no family to help out). However as soon as they are at nursery I am going to do this. I have registered at agencies as a locum - but no jobs as yet as most locum positions are full-time.
I have 2 friends at GLS who love it but I hear that it has become saturated due to redundant private practice types making the move. May be a lot different in 5 years time tho! If you want to do a different area of law from your current specialism you may need to prove an interest in this - you could always do a masters (but these are expensive).
Part of me thinks that once my kids get to school age they will need me even more so to be honest I can see myself never returning to the city and looking for an alternative local career. I will be dutiful wife and have to bask in the reflected glory of dh's legal career wink

TheHappyCat Fri 14-Aug-09 23:31:26

Hehe I know what you mean. My CV is pretty good for now but that is a very good point about the GLS being flooded with private practice redundancies. I would not consider a master's - I have one from overseas already and would rather put the money to the mortgage . And I absolutely cannot bear the thought of more exams. I still have nightmares about my finals on occasion!
I do see that TSol are permanently recruiting though so there are ways in - just not the right time for me to switch now.
I fear that stepping out would mean stepping out for good and never having the confidence to get back in. I suffer with that already!
I am already doing the reflected glory thing even though I am still in work! I am going back to my job I think, will give it a go and reconsider at Christmas. Best of luck whatever you decide.

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