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Advice for my pregnant cousin re work.

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glasgowlass Sun 09-Aug-09 16:27:03


I have posted this in both pregnancy and employment issues in the hope someone can help me.

My younger cousin is 12 weeks pregnant, she works in a very physical , demanding job(nurse, same as me) and is returning to work this week after 2 weeks sick leave. Prior to this sick leave she had requested to be allocated light duties and this was denied, sighting staffing issues. She had explained her medical history to her line manager (7 m/c's over 5 years, all 15 weeks or less of pregnancy) and still had her request refused, her GP signed her off work until her 12 week scan.

I have said to her to request an immediate risk assessment upon returning to work this week. She is obviously terrified she may still m/c and wants to do her best to avoid this.

I understand that if her job is unsafe during pregnancy then this is counted as a health and safety issue but would like to know if she is signed off work again by her GP will this count as "normal" sickness? I am pretty sure it doesnt but obviously want to have links to advice I can give her if she needs it for any reason.

Really can anybody help me find her information that she will needs regarding her rights to have light duties assigned and sick leave in pregnancy? I have advised her to join her union also.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.



flowerybeanbag Sun 09-Aug-09 19:27:08

She must have a risk assessment straightaway. In her case telling her line manager about her history isn't good enough, she needs a proper risk assessment that identifies whether and how her job puts her and the baby at risk and formally sets out how her job needs to be modified if that's possible and appropriate.

I would suggest she also asks to speak to someone from Occupational Health as well.

If she is signed off sick again, she will be paid as she normally would for any other sickness, but pregnancy-related sickness doesn't 'count' the same as normal sickness, for example for disciplinary purposes, or redundancy or any other situation where her sickness record could be held against her.

fledtoscotland Sun 09-Aug-09 22:10:04

She should contact occ health herself if her manager doesnt do a risk assessment.

there is also maternity suspension within the NHS where you are suspended on full pay if you are unable to do your normal job due to pregnancy (risk assessment deems it an unsuitable role) and they are unable to find you alternative work

With DS1, I was unable to return to my role as I'd had major surgery during the pregnancy. Initially my manager rejected my application for "light duties" - our clerkess was on long term sick so that would have been ideal. Occ Health suggested Maternity suspension and suddenly I was offered the option to return to the ward but with shorter shifts/no chemo/etc etc.

Hope this all makes sense.

as a last resort, couldnt her GP sign her off work. She wouldnt have to start mat leave til wk 36 and she would still get her annual leave entitlement

glasgowlass Mon 10-Aug-09 09:19:20

Thanks to both, have given her information suggested.

I have told her to get a Gp letter stating her history and how this should be taken into consideration with this risk assessment.

I work for same NHS trust and my manager could not have been more helpful, placing me on admin/ admissions/discharges and IV bags etc. Was boring but certainly was light duties!

TBH her ward manager has a reputation to be somewhat of a dragon.

Thanks ladies


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