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NVQ Assessor job interview!! Need some tips!!

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27yorkshiregirl Sat 08-Aug-09 10:22:24

I have an interview on monday for a position with a huge company as an nvq assesor! I really want this job as it would be a fantastic career move for me. Any interview tips would be grately appreciated, any assessors out there who can offer advice?

tink123 Sun 09-Aug-09 21:16:30

what are you assessing?

I had an interview for an assessor post a few months back. Got asked about

- Vocational knowledge
- How far I would be willing to travel
- About current standards
- What subjects i felt comfortable assessing
- strengths and weaknesses
- supporting key skills
- what to do if learner was struggling with work
-what methods of assessment you can use
- how you would motivate learners

If you have done A1 award already, may be worth revising your answers to knowledge questions

GOOD LUCK!!! smile

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