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Update to my boss reducing my hours :(

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MrsSparkly Fri 07-Aug-09 14:14:11

Recieved a reply to my email today via signed for postal delivery.

He is denying making any derogotary comments about me or my pregnancy and mc! He says laughing that he did his best to support through a difficult time!

He says the letter reducing my hours was sent BEFORE the HSE inspection, not that is relevant anyway because even if I had reported him (which I didnt) then it cant reflect on how he treats me anyway

He says we are paying 20% more for products and are still selling at our usual price - not so our prices raise with the supplier rise. He says he hasnt taken a wage from the company for months - he has NEVER officially taken a wage! He does a lot of sales with cash and a wink and I know he pockets this money, making sure he leaves enough in the kitty to look okay if the tax man asks!

He actually 'stupidly' states that for this reason the figures still look like we are making a profit - doh!! if we pay more but sell for less then the final figures will reflect this!

Im really scared its going to come down to my word against his I have no hard proof of the comments he made other than to ask witnesses to 'grass' which is the other girl who works for him and his friend the printer who works next door! I dont want to put either of them in that position although to be fair I think the printer would lie for him anyway!!

I have sent the letter to my solicitor and waiting to see what else I can do! If anything!


flowerybeanbag Sat 08-Aug-09 15:41:35

Sorry to hear that MrsSparkly, although he was bound to deny the comments, and a formal response from him stating that isn't much of a surprise. But even if you have no reliable third party witnesses you do have some concrete facts as well as your own personal testimony about his comments, and can paint an overall picture of unfair treatment. Remember all you have to do is give facts that could lead a tribunal to conclude it might be discrimination, then it is up to your employer to give a convincing alternative explanation for your different treatment.

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