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can't face work

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stabintheback Fri 07-Aug-09 13:05:57

i had a thread about this before.
one girl was away and the others were trying to oust her and/me.
now it seems the worst has happened.
the other girl has come back, one colleague has got her wish, full time hours, i have lost one of the people if was working for, to her, and lost my extra temporary hours.
i am now left with minimal work to do.
it is all for a short time but we don't know how long.

her job has become full time but what she does is not enough to justify it.
as with what i do, i don't have enough work.
i have zilch responsbility. i have been there one day this week and spent the whole day tryign not to cry.
i couldnt go in today and again was in tears.
i dont know where to turn, who to talk to.
i am still unsure what will happen in the future. one or both or who knows of the people we work for are possibly leaving...

stabintheback Fri 07-Aug-09 14:43:15

no sympathy advice anywhere? sad

flowerybeanbag Fri 07-Aug-09 19:54:02

I'm finding it a little bit difficult to follow your post unfortunately but it sounds as though you are working with some unpleasant people and are concerned about your job as you don't have enough work to do.

Have you spoken to your boss about your concerns? Is there an HR department or anything similar that you could talk to?

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