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Currently work 4 days - change 1 day off to 2 half days instead?

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TheGoddessBlossom Mon 03-Aug-09 21:29:57

I work Mon-Thurs at the moment. Invariably end up working unpaid for some of Friday, so take calls, answer/read mail, in my interests to do so (sales) but still....

Love having Friday morning as the one time we don't have to be up and out of house. But DS1 starts school in Sept, so that will stop. Wondering whether to change it to Mond and Fru afternoons off instead? That way I can collect DS1 from scholl twice a week, save on childminder, and have a work presence on each day rather than none at all on one day.

But it will mean 2 days a week I wouldn't be able to meet clients in London as opposed to only one now. And will I just end up working after 1 on my afternoons off?

All thoughts/similar experiences gratefully recieved.


babaaa Mon 03-Aug-09 21:51:10

I work part time too - when i finished or was supposed to finish at one i got stuck - i have now changed my hours and work till 3 pm but over less days - this means that at 3 i have to leave to collect ds from school whereas when was supposed to leave at one i never ever did!!!this way i have day off and leave on time - good luck with your i do some unpaid work too on day off but it feels so much better having a clear day off to me rather than bits of work more oten and then ending up staying at work longer on those days ie if i work over its only on ethe one day rather than 3 days !!

surreylady Mon 03-Aug-09 22:24:48

I changed from compressed hours to a term time (based) arrangement when youngest started school - so now work full time term times - take half terms etc off and work 2 (3 max) days a week long holidays (easter/christmas/summer) but I make sure I have Holidays as everyone else and these are clearly noted as holidays not just none workings days. In total this is a 39 week year (our school hols are 18 weeks (but with the holiday structure equates to 80% working so very similar to you currently) and allows me to spend holidays with the children and still manage my client facing obligations/work.

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