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Finding things difficult at work

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ilovemy2babies Fri 31-Jul-09 19:15:46

Im finding my job really hard at the moment, some days i go to work and really enjoy it and other days i just want to walk out and tell them to shove their job.

Im a duty manager been in the role for a year now, found it very hard at times and did think of giving it up a few times but was really lucky because ive got a good manager who supported me.

Anyway the problem is with some of the members of my team, they come to work and all they do is moan all day about how things are been run in the business. they moan that we are short staffed which we are because of the recession and also some staff have left and we are in the middle of replacing them at the moment.

What annoys me is that they only moan about things when its the managers day off so i have to have all the s**t throw at me. They also moan to me about new procedures that the manager introduces saying there stupid ideas.

Ive just had enough i feel like im just stuck in the middle. I feel like everyone is taking the piss out of me like im some sort of joke to them. I felt so upset in work today just feel like its them verses me and its just such a horrible feeling

I dont know what to do

hunniesugarplum Sat 01-Aug-09 09:58:36

aww that is not on. really it isnt, you should be allowed to do your job without this type of thing. its one thing for them to voice issues but not moan on and on at you. could you introduce some sort of ideas box? that way when they moan you can deflect and ask them to write it down in the proper place to be addressed?

ilovemy2babies Sat 01-Aug-09 19:15:36

Thanks hunnie maybe i will suggest the idea box to m manager, think is we cant fix the staffing problem because we cant have any more staff.

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