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Half way through probation - bad appraisal - help!

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makeitbetter Wed 29-Jul-09 16:08:35

Really upset actually.
Was meant to had had this 3 month review after being with the company for 3 months. Ive been there 4 and a half and we have just swapped pre appraisal questionnaires with a view to discussing them next week. Ive been there for 4.5 months.
I knew there was going to be a problem as the treasurer ( who has been acting as manager while new manager was appointed) wouldnt talk to me or look me in the eye today.
Anyway, appraisal is rubbish. By far the worst i have ever had. I have been off sick a lot, with a genuine medical problem that recently saw me hospitalised. I cannot agrue that it has affected my performance with regards to time frames and then attention to detail as im constantly racing to get work done and catch up. Work have kept telling me not to worry and that they understand. Yet ive just been totally dragged over the coals.
Basically - Im thinking that they probably want to get rid of me dont they? Is there any point stating my case or should i just start looking for another job asap?

yomellamoHelly Wed 29-Jul-09 16:21:00

Tbh I think it's the start of a paper trail if they want grounds to dismiss you later. After 3 months I'm not sure it's that straight forward for them to do this but if they're going to do any redundancies it could put you in the firing line.
I think you should put in writing your opinion on why you feel the review is bad and asking for a meeting to agree an action plan to get back on track with an agreed way of measuring your success in achieving those goals.
Sounds like they're not supporting you properly as it is if you're expected to catch up on things you were unable to do while ill and that sounds unreasonable to me. (No knowledge of emplyment laws etc though.)

LaurieFairyCake Wed 29-Jul-09 16:23:53

I wouldn't think they want rid of you - if they did they can get rid of you for no reason at all in the first year. If they haven't got rid of you maybe they want to support you?

Is your health likely to improve?

makeitbetter Wed 29-Jul-09 16:28:09

Yep - thats what i think.
I have asked for a review several times.
I do know ive been off a lot. Ive Just a a period of being off 1 to 2 days a week constantly for a month. ending in 3 days off one week as i was hospitalised. Plus i was off for a weeks holiday in this time too. Noone had picked up any of my work at all, and ive been expected to do it all, on time. when i didnt achieve that and told my manager i had a problem as i had so much work to catch up on ( that was urgent) and a lot of other time sensitive tasks which i could not complete in the time frame ive been listed as having worrying issues with proiritising.

makeitbetter Wed 29-Jul-09 16:29:24

My health will improve - im just on a nhs waiting list ( for god knows how long) At the momment it seems to have settled down and ive been ok this last 2.5 weeks. But who knows when it will flair up again.

flowerybeanbag Wed 29-Jul-09 19:29:21

That is an awful lot of absence unfortunately, especially in a brand new job.

They might want to get rid of you, yes, and can do so easily at this stage. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't state your case, reaffirm your commitment to the role and to improving. They obviously thought you were the right person for the job to start with, they won't want to go through recruiting again unless necessary, and have let a lot of absence go without getting rid of you so far.

So put your own case together and see how it goes. Best of luck

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