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Have I dreamt this but if you're ill on pre-booked holiday, is it poss to take as sick leave instead?

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MrsPickles Thu 23-Jul-09 22:25:08

I may have completely made this up, but as the title says, is it ever justified if you are ill on pre booked annual leave to say to your employer you want to take it as sick leave instead and keep your holiday? I seem to remember once reading something that said you could.

I get a generous amount of full pay sick days a year. Plus the same for illness of dependants. I am never ever ill although have taken a few days off due to my childminder's illness or DD's illness (usually work from home around it & make it up!)

I am about to take 2 weeks annual leave. I have worked seriously seriously hard over the last 2 months, lots of extra hours for whidh I do not get paid, you just have to do it in my job. I have a very sore throat now, last day in office tomorrow (should not even be in as my usual day off but something very urgent has arisen and can see myself working from home over the weekend too).

I just know I'm going to have swine flu over my 2 weeks holiday and will be so gutted. Especially as haven't got home to put my DD to bed once this week, in fact have not seen her since Monday. If I get swine flu now and if DD hasn't got it I'm probably not going to see DD at all as I will get DH to take her to my MILs and leave me ill here. Am crying in self pity now as I have worked so bloody hard to have this 2 weeks off and can see it will be wasted and I'll be quarantined from DD. She's just starting to talk and keeps saying mummy no go to work sad

Frizbe Thu 23-Jul-09 22:29:57
Have a look here, although this is just a guideline for you/your company, its worth reading through your contract, to find the full info. HTH's

flowerybeanbag Fri 24-Jul-09 13:58:43

You can certainly ask the question, and you probably should in your circumstances, which sound a bit more extreme than someone getting an upset tummy on holiday then wanting to claim their holiday back, or similar.

But whether your company allow you to claim your holiday back and be off sick is completely up to them.

Hope you feel better soon.

RibenaBerry Fri 24-Jul-09 14:37:48

Is your employer generally good? You sound like a valued member of staff who works hard and doesn't take the mick. I would be inclined to make it clear to HR just how upset you are (i.e. I'd tell them that you've been in tears over it, even if you are a more private person than that normally). The last thing that a sensible HR department will want is for you to totally burn out or end up off with depression or exhaustion. It may be in their interests to be a bit flexible.

morleylass Fri 24-Jul-09 17:42:16

The company I work for allows you to take as sick as long as you have a Drs certificate.
Hope you're feeling better

MrsPickles Sat 25-Jul-09 13:53:45

Thanks very much for the advice. Am feeling a bit better now as got through Friday and only got a couple of hours work to do over the weekend, after working a 12 hr day though! Sore throat has not turned into anything more serious as yet, think it may have just been brought on by sheer exhaustion! If I do get ill I will definitely ask my employer about it, my head of department knows how hard I have been working recently. Am having a lovely day with DD so far today, just wish I wasn't still so tired, but its so lovely to see her again! HR is not great, but my head of department is pretty fair so I think she might authorise something. If I don't get ill I may also ask to have maybe a day's holiday to make up for the all the extra hours; we never get paid for them which I don't expect as its in my contract and the nature of the job, but I do think I have been working above and beyond recently!

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