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Bit complicated, insurance at work and other legal matters. ramble I'm afraid.

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mamas12 Mon 20-Jul-09 21:57:49

Don't really know what, if anything can be done.
We have a feeling that the umbrella company just gets the funding needed to 'set up' social enterprises and when the funding stops so does the support and the projects all end.
Our contracts for a project Management jobshare ended and we have since been running a small company on our own 'acting as if we are on licence' as negotiations between us and the umbrella company have come to a standstill, we are waiting for the final draft of the Licence Agreement.
We are in a tricky situation as the stock was bought partly with european money so really it should be passed on to another social enterprise and we are not, we are two women who really want to make a go of this.
Last Friday the building we are in was flooded. We share the space with another of the umbrella company's projects.
We were informed when we started to 'act as if we are on licence' that we needed to take out company liablility insurance and the stock building and contents were to be met by them. But now they are trying to say that as we have nothing to do with them any more we have to stump up for the new computers and other machinery involved that were under water.
Have you kept up or is this too complicated and unique for anyone to figure out an answer to?

mumblecrumble Mon 20-Jul-09 22:05:15

Too complicated for me....bumping though.

Good look!

mamas12 Mon 20-Jul-09 22:37:40

Thanks mumble I think the freudian slip was a good one!

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