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Resrtucture prior to maternity leave - your help would be much appreciated..

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MotherMavis1 Thu 16-Jul-09 22:18:22

My organisation has announced a restructure where my job as I do it with my current salary no longer exists. Something similar does but we have been told who has that position.

I have been told I have a totally new job and new place of work.

I was told this about 8 weeks ago and since this no one has spoken to me about the details etc. I have asked but I get very fuzzy answers.

I am not sure I would want the new job, however I know nothing really about it as no Job description exists and I would be out of pocket for travel.

What are my rights? Should I push to have details confirmed etc prior to my maternity leave? I dont want to be stressed leaving work and wondering for a year what and where I go back to...any help and advise would be greatly appreciated!!

Slightly paranoid me thinks that they are moving me out of the way to reduce headcount by one with the hope that I wont come back after maternity - which makes me what to push for answers prior to me going at the end of September....

flowerybeanbag Fri 17-Jul-09 09:09:01

So you are not doing the new job yet? When does the restructuring take effect then, do you not even know that? When does your current job cease to exist?

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