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Locum work whilst pregnant...

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BelleSeuss Mon 13-Jul-09 16:23:38

A complicated situation means that I am likely to go back to work after maternity leave locuming, as I have had to leave my previous job, and need to find part time flexible work in a difficult profession. I am trying to set up regular part time work too, but had hoped to combine this with some v well paid locum work.

My line of work means that you have to tell your employer immediately when you discover you are pregnant, there are multiple H and S issues to consider and alterations to working practice to be undertaken.

How would this work if I am locuming - would I be effectively unemployed for the duration of the pregnancy whilst all the practices opted for the non pregnant locum?

God I'm dreading returning to work! grin

RibenaBerry Tue 14-Jul-09 11:20:02

I presume that, as a locum, you would be having lots of short contracts with different employers (i.e. there isn't one underlying contract, say with a health authority, that contiues throughout). Correct?

It is illegal to discriminate against a pregnant woman, so in theory you would have excactly the same rights as anyone else and, of course, could not have your contract terminated once the employer discovered that you were pregnant. In reality, once you have a bump it is pretty likely that the employer will opt for the non-pregnant locum who can do all the duties without adjustment and health and safety worries. They will just say it's for a reason like qualifications, rather than pregnancy. You could of course look into bringing a claim in that situation, but it's pretty hard to prove someone's reasons for not hiring you, particularly if there are other qualified candidates...


BelleSeuss Tue 14-Jul-09 12:59:50

I thought as much. I'm not pregnant at the moment, but having to be creative in the job market given the financial situation, and my own circumstances, so considering all options. Thinking ahead for the next 12-24 months really.

hmmm, will have to carrying on weighing up the pros and cons of all options!!

alison56 Wed 15-Jul-09 22:51:01

can you do both?

You get two lots of maternity pay - I'm in that situation and it worked out well financially.

BelleAtrix Thu 16-Jul-09 08:23:38

alison I am hoping to do both - have regular 1/2 days or days and then 'top up' with locum work, but I'm new to the area, so have no 'foot in the door' to any practices - hence me getting stressed by it all.

Who did you claim x2 maternity pay from? Your locum agency or the government or the placement? How did that work?

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