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who is the person here again who knows about tribunals?

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nightowl Wed 18-May-05 23:05:44


darlingbud Wed 18-May-05 23:06:32

what do you need to know? I have minimal knowledge

darlingbud Wed 18-May-05 23:06:58

not sure who THE person is though but hope this has bumped it for you.

SaintGeorge Wed 18-May-05 23:11:53

If you mean employment issues then I think it is sis you want.

lavenderrr Wed 18-May-05 23:14:47

please ask away, went to one twice in last 6 months, what's the problem nightowl.

nightowl Wed 18-May-05 23:21:48

its not something i can publicise too much on here now for various reasons, i just was trying to remember who it was and wondering if i could ask them a question really.

lavenderrr Wed 18-May-05 23:26:53

CAT me if you wish or e-mail on a nutshell I took my employer to a tribunal and it was postponed as other stuff to sort out, I went through a lot of form-filling, CAB advice and am more than happy to help you in anyway I can....

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