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New Job for 3 months and the girl I replaced came back - feel very uneasy

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galaxy Wed 18-May-05 21:16:03

I started my job at the end of February and I absolutely love it. It's been very busy and quite stressful as my manager went on maternity leave 6 weeks after I began and we are going through a major re-tendering exercise.

Last week, I was told that the person I replaced was coming back to work on special projects. However, she came back yesterday and they decided to let her account manage one of her ex (and my current) clients which is the one I'm working on the re-tender for. This is supposed to be a short-term thing only whilst I'm tied up with the tender but I feel really uneasy about it.

Im 2 weeks from completing my probation and this lady was the star of the company from what I can tell. Iknow I'm doing a good job so shouldn't feel threatened but her being involved in my clients makes me wonder how I've got any chance of building the relationships with them.

Do I just sit back and be professional or do I express my feelings?

galaxy Wed 18-May-05 21:27:47

Please [pleading icon]

beansprout Wed 18-May-05 21:30:03

Could you talk to your manager, but in an appropriate setting such as supervision/one to one session? This is a very legitimate point to raise. It's not just about feeling threatened (which is fair enough) but as you say, it is also about you developing a relationship with your client.

I think the right time and place would be perfectly ok. You have a legitimate concern.

galaxy Wed 18-May-05 21:34:32

I've got a one to one with the director tomorrow so it's an ideal opportunity.

I accepted it when she told me this morning but only after speaking to a colleague did I start to think about how awkward it is going to be.

The problem is that she worked for them for 15 years and allegedly left to escape the rat race. She seems nice on the face of it and very well respected but I feel like I'm going to be pushed into the background and I really felt like I had a good future with this company after 3 years of hell with my last one.

beansprout Wed 18-May-05 21:37:12

They need to get the balance right between wanting to use her experience but still allowing you to do your job and develop. Hope it goes ok tomorrow, let us know how you get on?

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