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Can I be sacked and maternity cover kept on plus dilemma re flexible hours.

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MillieCow Wed 08-Jul-09 21:29:56

Hello everyone, I thought I had posted this last night but can't find it anywhere so will try to recreate!

I am looking for some advice/opinions really.

I was on maternity leave for one year. During this time my job was covered by a maternity cover. I have been back from mat leave for 4 months now and my maternity cover is still in place. This person is a LOT more senior to me - and I do mean a lot - as in was doing the job when I was born!!

I am on a permanent contract, 3 months notice and have moved to part time hours. My "cover" is on a rolling reduced hours contract, terminable on one week's notice. He would like to stay as long as possible but my boss has told me several times that he will be leaving at some point. That said, my boss has also told me on a number of occasions that me much prefers the cover to me and he keeps on extending how long he will work for the firm for - even the cover doesn't know when he will be leaving now.

We are quite quiet as a whole and there isn't enough work to keep both of us busy all of the time. My boss gives work to the other person in preference to me and I have to beg for work on a daily basis.

Now- firstly, at what point does my "cover" stop being my cover and become an employee who can be retained in preference over me. This is a real concern for me because as I said we are quiet. I know whilst I was on mat leave they could not have done this but now, 4 months after my return?

Secondly, he would like to stay on and have a part time position. I would like to have 2 full days off a week too - the application I made when I returned was refused. I have an idea of the firm keeping him on and thus allowing me to have the hours I want. I am considering bringing it up at a flexible working review in a couple of week's time. Any ideas of whether this would be sensible or whether it might be a handy prelude to their kicking me out!

Any ideas/opnions/advice really appreciated and I am sorry to have gone rambling on.

Thanks everyone.

flowerybeanbag Wed 08-Jul-09 21:59:50


MillieCow Wed 08-Jul-09 23:10:20

How did I manage to miss my own post??!!!!Ohmygoodness - right will go and read this now - thanks!

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