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I want to re-train as a midwife - where to start!?

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beaniebaby25 Wed 08-Jul-09 12:34:43

Hi everyone

I'm currently a journalist and have been unhappy in my job and field for almost three years (out of my four years out of uni!).

I've been doing a lot of soul searching and worrying that I just wouldn't find a job i loved (or even liked) and was given some advice - I was asked to think about what interests me, what i like talking about/finding out about. And babies/giving birth/being a mum came top of my list. I'm still young, 27 in a few months, but I don't have children of my own. I've done a BA hons in English and History and several journalism qualifications post-grad and would love to re-train as a midwife.

I'm currently in full time work, and on a pretty good salary, and cannot afford to give up work to retrain.

Would it be possible to do it part time? Where are the best places to do it? I've looked at Open Uni site and they only appear to have nursing qualifications.

Can anyone help steer me in the right direction, if it's possible? I live and work in central london.


twinklytoes Wed 08-Jul-09 12:42:03

nursing and midwifery councilfor all you need to know.

you need to apply via whatever took over ucas into a university, with an abundance of teaching hospitals etc in london am sure you'll be able to find a part time course at one of the unis.

find out local uni open days and go and find out more - think most of them happen during july.

good luck.

beaniebaby25 Wed 08-Jul-09 13:41:16

Thanks twinkletoes that's brilliant. That site looks really useful.

I just did a search on the NHS careers site and doesn't look like any London colleges do part time courses... which can't be right?

Has anyone done a part time midwifery course at a London college?

Are there any with better reputations than others? Might just email the top few and ask about open days/more info...

Aeschylus Wed 08-Jul-09 19:12:24

I would imagine it will be bloody hard to do part time..

when we had DS there was a trainee MW in room and she was full time at college 3 days in hospital 2 days, and had to witness be part of 40 births to get to the next stage, I am not sure how they would do that part time

you could probably do the first part PT, but once you have to go onto hospitals it would get very difficult, I would make sure you see how it will operate once you get to 3rd year etc

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