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Advice please, thinking about retraining as a teacher, and TUPE advice please.

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LittleB Tue 07-Jul-09 12:12:22

Sorry I have a couple of different issues here. I currently work part time for a district council as a Countryside Ranger. I work on public rights of way which is a statutary duty delegated to us by the County Council, due to budget cuts it looks like our work will return to the County Council. I understand that to an extent we are protected by TUPE regulations, but I know that the County Council think we are overstaffed compared to their other areas (we do over and above the statutory minimum by improving the network, working with communities etc.)I also know that due to the recent elections the county council has had a change of 'colour' and is looking to make savings. From looking at the TUPE regs I think they can make us redunandant due to economic reasons or restructuring, which is pretty easy for them to do, can they do this immedaitely or do we have protection for a set time period? Also I have over 10yrs service, 6+ full time and the remainder part time, if they make me redundant is the redundancy pay calculated on my current part time pay or do they take into account the period of full time working and pro rata it?

Secondly I'm pretty fed up with local government and aspects of my job and have been thinking about a career change for sometime. I have done some environmental education and enjoy working with children, I have a dd starting school in september. So I'm thinking about going into primary school teaching, I hope to volunteer at my daughters school 1 morning per wk from sept. I have a good science degree so would need to do a PGCE, I understand I can either get on a GTP or go to college for a year. Can people let me know what experience they have of either of these, how hard it is to get onto them (be thinking about doing the training sept 2010). And how easy is it to then get a job once you've qualified, I'm based in somerset and would need a job locally.

Sorry about all the questions, I've got alot to think through!

flowerybeanbag Tue 07-Jul-09 12:20:25

Have a browse through this section of directgov about transfers and takeovers.

This page has some information and an external link all about transfers in the public sector which might be relevant to you.

Under TUPE there is no specific length of time they have to wait to restructure or make redundancies, as long as it is all done fairly and in accordance with existing terms and conditions it can be straightaway in theory.

Redundancy pay is based on your existing pay, not previous pay. A good way of looking at it is as compensation for loss of future earnings, which would of course have been at your part time rate.

LittleB Tue 07-Jul-09 13:19:18

Thanks flowery, those links are useful. I think they will probably restructure pretty quickly then to save money, but I don't think they are transferring us until April 2010, they have to give 6mths notice minimum, which they haven't done yet, and the public sector usually does these things at the end of the financial year.
Just have to wait for some advice on teacher training now!

flowerybeanbag Tue 07-Jul-09 13:52:00

No problem.

Can't help you with the teacher training stuff I'm afraid! I'm sure someone will be along shortly though, loads of expertise around in that I know.

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