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they wont let me do my NVQ!

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iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 07-Jul-09 09:53:06

Ok some of you may have read previous issues ive been having at work, am currently 11 weeks pregnant and a superviser.

2 weeks ago i had a meeting with NVQ man who said no probs i can do nvq in supervision and will fly through it etc etc. So i was really happy thinking i should be able to get it all done before baby arrives. I dont mind doing it whilst on mat leave.

Yesterday i arrived at work and the man was waiting to see me, he told me i cant do the nvq any more after he has spoken with his manager, due to my condition and time restrictions. I asked what he meant and he said they normally give you 10 months to complete the nvq and some people can do within 6 months!

I explained I am more than capable of completing the nvq within the time scale and more than happy to do whilst im on maternity leave as i plan on leaving beginning of dec (3 weeks holiday) and baby not due till end of January!

Anyway he left then returned saying spoken with manager the person who can make the decision is on holiday for a week etc etc. I pointed out to him having reflected on what he has said to me it feels very discriminatory as i would still in fact be employed by the company! In the meantime i called my manager at home and discussed with her. He left then returned again and said they could offer me an adult numeracy and literacy course! Which highly offended me with the qualifications i have already!

Once again he left then returned and said his manager will be calling me tommorrow. I said if she is calling with bad news do not ring me at work and it will upset me!

My manager then called and said this is clearly discrimination due to my pregnancy and is a HR matter and she will be contacting our area manager about this today. In the meantime im sat at home waiting on the nvq mans manager to call me to tell me no way i can do it!

I just can't quite believe that in this day people are so discriminatory and directly so! As a colleague pointed out to him on his 3rd return into work, im having a baby not losing my mind and i will still be employed by the company whilst on maternity leave! sad As if im not hormonal and weepy enough and now have this to contend with along with having just quit smoking yesterday i think im a bit of a wreck! sad sad

juneybean Tue 07-Jul-09 18:21:23

Ugh that's ridiculous, my manager was allowed to do her level 4 in child care when she was on maternity leave.

Keep fighting it!

iateallthecreameggsyummy Wed 08-Jul-09 12:47:50

Good news had a phonecall this morning! They are funding the nvq! Im to get started on it this afternoon so meeting the chap to get my pack!! Yayyyy grin

Partly as i pointed out to the manager that by the time they finished faffing about a month would have passed and i could be well into it! its only 6 units! grin

juneybean Wed 08-Jul-09 23:25:42

ah glad you've got it sorted!! :D Good luck with it

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