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Sickness in family - what do I say to work?

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 06-Jul-09 08:05:48

I am sick, DH is sick. DD is not. I am not going into work today.

I have hyperemesis, but do not know if it is this that is making me puke or a tummy bug as DH has a tummy bug. I have been sick since friday but it seems hyeremesis related rather than bug in its nature, but I am holding judgment given that I had been ok for a few weeks and DH is now poorly.

I have been sick a lot from work. I really cannot be bothered to go to the gp just for a med cert, mondays are hell, it means waiting for hours in the reception, with having to run to the loo from time to time. IF its a bug, I do not want to pass it on, if its not, I will not get anything other than a sick note.

So do i

1) call in sick - pregnancy related. I have been back at work for 3 weeks after around 5-7 weeks off (I say that loosely as the last couple of weeks I was back and off sporadically as my medication took effect). I had medical certs to cover all of this. If I take this time off, will I need med cert or can I use self cert? I never used one last absence as gp signed me straight off.

2) call in sick - normal sickness related seeing it may be that?

3) phone in and take a days leave given that I need to look after DD as DH is unwell too, and did not sleep at all last night. (manager will decide if special leave/parental leave or if I should take it as AL which I do have to take, depending on how much special leave I have had, which is none in the last year).

SparkyFartDust Mon 06-Jul-09 08:10:18

I would do alternative number 2 because...

you may need to do number 1 if sickness continues (but not for one days leave if thats what this turns out to be)

and as for number 3... that's going to eat into your annual leave/carer's leave when you are in fact too porly to work.


SparkyFartDust Mon 06-Jul-09 08:10:41

poorly...not porly!

Starbear Mon 06-Jul-09 08:13:35

I'm a little confused. Will this be your first day of sickness in this period?
Does sickness record effect your pay? (I ask because it effects mine)
I would speak to your manager and ask if you will need a cert this time. In my personal opinion you need to stick by the employment rules if you want to keep your job.
Is your manager understanding? I don't think they can use pregnancy related sickness when they calulate sickness periods for pay. (In my job) I would go for pregancy related but, still ask if you need a cert. Hope that helps and the whole family feels better soon.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 06-Jul-09 08:22:18

starbear, yes first day of this sickness period, as although sick on friday, did not start until after I got home from work , in fact I just got home in time to say goodbye to my lunch blush.

Pay not effected as I get paid 6 months full pay luckily and have not used that by any stretch! I know pg is not counted on my sickness record, but am loathed to use it if not really pg related as I have had enough of it over the past few months. My manager is off on annual leave which I guess is why I am unsure. I know its not right, but managers seem to make their own decisions regarding whether or not special leave or annual leave or unpaid leave would be used if I went for example down that route. if it was my boss I would phone her and explain the whole thing and let her decide grin

If I take the day off as just sick, then find it is in fact pg related, which I do suspect it is as it is following the same pattern, I guess I can change the status to pg related when I return to work. I am hoping to return to work tomorrow, but anticipating that as I have been unwell since friday it might last a bit longer (luckily not all day every day).

I might just phone and say I am sick, not sure if a bug or pg and leave it at that? Do you think thats ok?

Starbear Mon 06-Jul-09 08:53:09

Just say its pregnancy related as it could be. Make that call and get on with getting better. This worry can't be helping. Hope you are all better soon and DD doesn't get it. You might need special leave once the baby is born so save it. smile

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 06-Jul-09 09:03:39

starbear - you know what? I am worrying about everything right now. everything. I am even worrying I might have upset friends who show no signs of being upset, I am worrying I am doing or saying the wrong thing to people and they might get upset or put out, and I guess this is spilling into work. I have had so much time off I guess I worry they think I am taking the piss, but it makes no difference whether they do or not, seeing as I can't go in whatever the reason!

Slap me, that will sort it right out, need to get a grip!

Starbear Mon 06-Jul-09 09:12:41

I'm a born worrier, DH and I have turned it into my own comedy sketch. I could apply for a job in child protection but my DH laughed I would come home with every poor child I met and would worry about the parents as well. So not the job for me then smile
Hormones are a difficult thing. Get a good film out and sit on the sofa with a bucket and a flannel. I watched Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood this weekend, great film should make you feel better about your own life in the UK. smile OR of course It's a beautiful life grin

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 06-Jul-09 09:18:09

Do you know I suggested that we watch gran turino at the weekend and DH said noooo its crap, i shall tell him we are watching it!

Alas though, we have the builders in. I am not really sure what to do for the best, he has just surfaced, is feeling marginally better, but does not look great to be honest. The builder boss also does not look well, said he feels like he has been in a bender and is hungover, but has not touched a drop all weekend (not sure I entirely beleive no alcohol at all but still). On top of that, they are putting the plumbing/radiator into the loft as part of the loft conversion and it is very noisy, messy and intrusive. So its not like we are going to get any peace at all today even while not being at work (although I currently feel like I could sleep through an earthquake!).

Starbear Mon 06-Jul-09 09:32:33

I was pregnant with builders in the house. I hated it at the time! Should have been more daring and got them to do more in one go as I think we need to extend out further. We have no room in this house but big garden. Hope you can get some peace during the day to watch the film.
I have to do some housework now, see ya later!

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 06-Jul-09 09:33:46

Thanks starbear, don't work too hard smile

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 06-Jul-09 10:14:00

I spoke, eventually, to one of the nicer managers in my managers absence. I said I was sick, not sure if hypermesis or a bug, but probably hyperemesis, and not likely to be in tomorrow either, although will try to make it. He said don't rush back if not ready, take care and he will just make a note for my boss and we can sort out the details when she returns next week.

Starbear Mon 06-Jul-09 10:27:41


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