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Maternity leave when working for an agency?

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smurfgirl Tue 30-Jun-09 10:22:43

I am not pregnant.

If you work for an agency can you get maternity leave?

Specifically I will be working for the NHS as part of a 'bank' team which is ad-hoc work to cover sickness, you work as much or as little as you want but you have to commit to a shift a month I believe.

Its not NHS professionals, its a bank for a local trust, so I would only work within that trust. So sort of an internal staffing agency.

You can accrue holiday (an hour for every 12 hour worked) so I wondered about maternity pay.

Also if you are pregnant/have had a baby and cannot commit to a shift a month can they take you off the bank?

Thanks for any replies.

flowerybeanbag Tue 30-Jun-09 10:30:54

Have a look at this factsheet all about maternity rights for atypical workers, including agency workers.

smurfgirl Tue 30-Jun-09 10:35:17

Thank you! Thats very helpful.

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