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Is an email a form of written notification?

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Southwind Mon 29-Jun-09 12:45:41


I was wondering if I told the HR dept I was pregnant in an email after a being told to send this email to HR by the CEO, does this count as written notification of my pregnancy?

BennyAndJoon Mon 29-Jun-09 12:47:59

I would say yes.

We had official notifications of stuff at work via email. Just ask them to confirm that they have received the notification by emailing you back.

<<waits for someone more knowledgeable>>

weaselbudge Mon 29-Jun-09 13:37:18

Definitely YES.

Rhubarb Mon 29-Jun-09 13:38:28

Absolutely yes!

Aeschylus Mon 29-Jun-09 13:40:13


who writes letters in todays world

stillstanding Mon 29-Jun-09 13:43:41

Depends on context.

In the one you describe I would say yes but in others it might not be. For example, where a contract required written notice to x address and the x address was not an email address then you would need to write (on paper) to the given address.

flowerybeanbag Mon 29-Jun-09 14:25:24

I expect so yes, but probably best to ask them whether they are happy with an email!

I would email them as you have been requested, notifying them of your pregnancy and any other relevant information, and say that if they require this information in the form of a letter, please let you know. Ask them to acknowledge the email as well.

It depends how your employer works. For most that would be fine, some might demand a letter, some employers require you to fill in a specific form when you are pregnant. Drop them an email and say that if they require any further information you are happy to provide it.

lal123 Mon 29-Jun-09 14:31:00

I've had to fill in a specific form for my maty leave/pay. Just one thing if you're still there flowery (and sorry for threadjacking!) they've asked me when I intend to return - I don't know yet. I've just put a year after I go off - assuming that if I want to come back sooner I can just give them the 8 weeks notice? Is this right?

flowerybeanbag Mon 29-Jun-09 14:32:02

yep that's absolutely right lal, if in doubt put a year then as long as you give 8 weeks' notice you can come back sooner if you want.

stillstanding Mon 29-Jun-09 14:41:17

I thought they weren't supposed to ask you when you wanted to come back?

Southwind Mon 29-Jun-09 14:43:35


Thanks for your replies everyone.

I actually sent this in an email back in Feb 09 as told to by the CEO after verbally telling him, it was acknowedgled at the time and I wasn't ask to provide anything else.

But now because I have raised a greivance about how I have since treated me due to my pregnancy they are saying that it is not a formal document.

flowerybeanbag Mon 29-Jun-09 14:55:13

If they didn't require you to complete a formal document and acknowledged your email as notification of your pregnancy, then that's fine.

lal123 Mon 29-Jun-09 15:10:37

If it wasn't a formal document they should have told you at the time? Did they treat it as a formal document(i.e. did it trigger HR procedures/maty leave/maty pay procedures?), does the maternity leave policy describe what a "formal document" is?

Re my emplyers asking when I want to come back - irresepective if they are meant to or not it makes life alot easier for them (and me!) if they can plan adequate cover for when I'm off.

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