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Holiday Pay

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juneybean Sat 27-Jun-09 23:23:22

I've decided to hand my notice in at my nursery job and am now going to wait and see if receiving holiday pay will be easy (I had previously posted about having no contract and no holiday allowance because I'm a supply worker).

Can I confirm that I should receive about 4 weeks holiday. The settings hol year runs Oct - Oct so Oct - Mar would be 2.4 weeks out of 4.8 and Mar - July would be 1.6 weeks out of 5.6.

Is that right?

JoesMummy09 Sun 28-Jun-09 02:25:11

I could be wrong but I thought that once you had been in job for 2 months they HAD to give you a contract?

Contract or not you're entitled to 28 days holiday pay as a full time worker (pro rata'd for part timers).

You could try looking on the directgov site link they have lots of useful info about holiday pay and employment rights.


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