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My request for part time work been turned down

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frazzled2 Sat 14-May-05 20:26:22

I am on maternity leave at the moment but due to return by August at the latest. I had several informal discussions with my boss about returning back 2 days a week before I left but have now been told that I only have a full time job to return to. I was given verbal feedback from someone who had been asked to pass the message on but no real reasons for the refusal were given.
Anyone been in a similar situation?
What should my next step be?

Any advice would be gratefully received!!

hercules Sat 14-May-05 20:30:07

You have to apply in writing quoting the new laws. They then have a certain time period to answer back to you.

hercules Sat 14-May-05 20:30:28

I would get legal advice.

frazzled2 Sat 14-May-05 20:34:11

Sorry - missed that bit out - I have written to them, stated my rights and have also given reasons for my request but as yet have had no response, even though, as i believe, they should reply within 21 days.

darlingbud Sat 14-May-05 20:34:43

It all definatelt needs putting i writing if you ask me. e.g your request ad their refusal including reasons for refusal. I'm sure ACAS have info on their website on this issue.

frazzled2 Sat 14-May-05 20:38:44

Was thinking of seeking advice from my union but suppose I am worried that it will all get out of hand and create an atmosphere that I would not want to work with (everyone works very closely).

darlingbud Sat 14-May-05 20:39:36

yes - get advice from Union first. They ahve to have good reasons for turning it down. can you see any erasons why your role could be classed as only full time?

frazzled2 Sat 14-May-05 20:43:50

Although it is not impossible for a job share to be created I do understand that it is not the best job for this, however I know that a lot of additional agency staff are used on a regular basis so it is not as though there are no suitable alternatives.

jambo1707 Sat 14-May-05 20:52:46

I would contact citizens advice too

New law for working parents state that if you have a child under 6 years old and need to change shift your employer must accomodate your needs.

I know this as my dh used parents law in december as i was to return to work also. our mployers were fantastic, very clued up on the rigts and wrongs for working parents. My dh actually scored out of it, was moved to one of the best depts within the company but as I say check it out with citizens advice 1st that way you too will have all the facts before you go guns blazing to your boss

CheekyLady Sat 14-May-05 21:12:10

I got turned down for p/t time work too even though a year ago I was told informally it would be ok.

They do have to go through things properly and they should give you proper reasons for turning you down. Also you legally then can appeal against the decision and basically have a hearing with someone else to discuss the issue.


I found out from ACAS that in effect although the employer HAS to listen to your request and give it proper consideration etc blah blah blah they can get out of it very easily. My job is perfectly suited to working p/t and there was even someone in the team working p/t recently without any problems...... but what they said was that at the moment there is so much work that they need a f/t person to do it and it would be too difficult to find another p/t person to job share with me. Complete bollocks, but legally nothing I could do about it.

I was stunned but ACAS said that it is perfectly legitimate for a company to say that there is too much work for just a p/t person and they don't think they can fill a job share. Really unfair.

lalaa Sat 14-May-05 21:17:49

Pleased don't be put off by the thought of creating an atmosphere. These are your rights and they've been created to protect you. Many employers are difficult about dealing with requests to work part-time and bank on you worrying about the atmosphere that will be created so that you back off and they don't have to do anything about it. Makes me so cross. Get some advice and put your needs first.

frazzled2 Sun 15-May-05 17:41:58

Thanks - I know it sounds awful but I'm glad i'm not the only one having probs - everyone else i have talked to have had few problems changing to part time. Am going to talk to citizens advice - hadn't thought of that - and will contact my union if things continue the same way, even if I do it for the next woman in my shoes in the future!

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