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Anyone carrying out or had an exit interview?

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bradsmissus Fri 26-Jun-09 11:42:28

I am looking at introducing them at work. Can anyone give me an idea of when and how they are carried out and what you ask?

It's probably obviuos but I want to get it right.

oopsagain Fri 26-Jun-09 11:46:23

i had one- it was bloody fab.

I was able to tell the miserable bitch of a boss the reasons why i was leaving...

i was calm and smiley and polite and she looked like she was chewing a wasp.
making me smile right now!

I think they would be great- but OMG you'd have to handle it well.

I was leaving an apprently very very good job and had no other job to go to- i think that says volumes in itself.

Oh, you've helped me smile today just thinking about it grin

flowerybeanbag Fri 26-Jun-09 12:00:35

They are normally carried out just before the person leaves. To get decent feedback they are best done as a confidential discussion with someone other than the direct line manager, with the option of keeping some or all of the feedback confidential if appropriate. Someone in HR or a manager from a different department are good options.

You could ask things like reasons for leaving, thoughts on salary/benefits package, thoughts on training received (or not received), suggestions for improvements, feedback on management, feedback on things like appraisal systems, H&S, how bullying/harassment/discrimination are dealt with. It can be a really useful tool to survey these things.

If you will want to analyse the results, I'd recommend doing it as a questionnaire, with options of boxes to tick or similar, so that it's easy to analyse trends in terms of reasons for leaving or levels of satisfaction with different subjects. Questionnaire could be filled in prior to the interview and then the contents and any other additional comments discussed at the interview.

oopsagain Fri 26-Jun-09 12:08:45

oh, i had one with HR too- they were worried i was going to bring sme sort of claim i think.

I presented him with the handwritten diary i found keeping details of my work decisions and interaction with other staff..

was able to tell him about the nasty vile bullying that was going on in the workplace.

didn't change anything- but it made me feel better to prove to an outside person that i wasn't being paranoid- they were def out to get me! grin

<should have tapped them for the therapy i had that made me strong enough to leave>

morningpaper Fri 26-Jun-09 12:10:58

I've used these questions:

Why are you leaving?
Does the location or working hours of the job have any bearing on your decision to leave?
Do you feel the description of your job in the recruitment process was accurate?
Did you find that the goals and targets of your role were clear throughout your employment?
Could your skills have been used to better advantage?
Did you feel you received appropriate support / supervision to enable you to do your job?
Was the training / induction you received at adequate to enable you to do your job?
Are there any changes to the Project that you would like to recommend?
Do you feel that the Project implements its employment policies fairly and equitably?
Any other comments?

oopsagain Fri 26-Jun-09 12:11:22

sorry - i'v hijacked with my own stuff...
hope you get some more posts,
and i think it is a good thing- done well...

LoveBeingAMummy Fri 26-Jun-09 19:14:44

In my last job we also used to ask about the role they were moving too in terms of comparing to current role and benefits etc.

Also used to ask somehitng like 'given the opportunity I tell others great think about working here'

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