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Want to change hours again when youngest dc starts school, "difficult"; boss

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manicmuvvaof3 Thu 25-Jun-09 13:48:06

Hi I work 2 days a week 8-4 on jobshare basis and am having real trouble finding afterschool care for my ds when he starts school in September. Would really like to ask to do my 15 hours over 3 days so I could, say work 8-1 for three days. BUT... my newish boss has openly said she "doesnt like" part timers/jobshares and I can see her hitting the roof when I ask. Should I speak to my HR dept first or to my boss? PS My boss has her unreasonable moments including having a go at colleagues for being only 10 mins late having had to get babies ready, because of traffic etc!
Thanks in advance

flowerybeanbag Thu 25-Jun-09 13:55:11

It won't be up to your HR department, all they will be able to do is give you the relevant policy and advise on how to make the request. Your boss is the important one.

If you currently job share presumably your job share partner does the other 3 days a week so that the actual time your job is not being covered is minimal if any? Have you spoken to him/her about changing their hours to fit in with what you want?

The best way to prevent her 'hitting the roof' is to anticipate what her problems with the new arrangement are likely to be, and be ready to propose solutions to them/explain why they are not a problem at all.

bigstripeytiger Thu 25-Jun-09 14:00:56

Could you ask your boss about the 3 days thing as a business solution rather than a childcare solution. eg you could say that you have noticed that with you only being there 2 days a week X and Y can be an issue, would she like you to work same hours over 3 days a week to help with this.

manicmuvvaof3 Thu 25-Jun-09 14:04:42

THank you - it is a long story but our team is only getting back up to full strength after 4 very unsettled years. I have had a couple of run ins with this boss - one after a bereavement when I wanted to leave just an hour early and she hit the roof. Good advice re talking to my jobshare and anticipating my boss' potential objections - thank you smile

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