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Query regarding flexible working qualifying period - Flowerybeanbag, are you there?!

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Lissya Thu 18-Jun-09 22:21:51

Could anyone advise on the following please?

In the flexible working request, it states that you need have worked continuously as an employee of the company for the last 26 weeks.

I had work for the company for 24 weeks by the time I went on maternity leave. I am still on maternity leave and it is now 56 weeks since I joined the company.

Just to clarify, my maternity leave does count as "working continuously for the company for the last 26 weeks", doesn't it? <paranoid emoticon>


flowerybeanbag Thu 18-Jun-09 22:29:21

Yes absolutely, maternity leave definitely counts

Lissya Thu 18-Jun-09 22:36:53

Ooh you're there, Flowerybeanbag! Thanks for that, I am preparing my flexible working document and it's something I wanted to be sure on in case my (inexperienced in these matters) manager queries it.

I think you should be renamed SuperFlowerbeanbagComesToTheRescue(Again).


flowerybeanbag Thu 18-Jun-09 22:44:42


No problem.

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