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New job or not?

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WhatWoodYouDo Wed 17-Jun-09 09:28:06

If I out myself in this please don't mention my usual name - not too fussed if anyone knows who I am but I don't want it searchable.
I am 7 months pregnant, and currently work for the NHS. I enjoy my job but am looking to get into a different (but related) field. I've just seen a new job advertised which is my dream job, it's based almost 2 hours away, but the advert mentions "with home working and mobile working flexibility". So my questions are:

- From an employment point of view, I know I can change employment within the NHS without affecting my maternity pay, and I know a potential new employer can't discriminate because I'm pg. In reality, how would that all work - does anyone have any experience.
- What do you think about the 2 hours - how likely are they to realistically be happy with me expecting to work from home?
- Any other issues I should think of?

I am going to call the person in the ad for a talk about the job - the issues are confused as the job description attached is the wrong one!! and the jobs are usually advertised on 2 sites and it is nowhere to be found on the other one!

Thanks for any help or suggestions

WhatWoodYouDo Wed 17-Jun-09 09:59:28

bumping - can't fina naything about changing employers during ML in the AfC handbook

OohGaryBarlow Wed 17-Jun-09 10:36:54

I work within the NHS and this has been an issue recently for one of our members of staff.
She has moved jobs whilst off work on Mat Leave since her husband was being relocated, but has moved to another NHS trust so it hasn't affected her pay at all. Afaik it is just a paper exercise from one trust to another.

WRT the travelling, I think that is something you would have to discuss with your potential employers. You would need to find out just how flexible they are prepared to be, as flexible hours aren't always as great as they sound ime!

What about child care facilities on site in the new place? Would you be needing to use a nursery for your baby? If so it might be worth finding out, as most hospitals (assuming that is where you would be based) have some provision for use by their staff and that can make things a little easier when you take early starts to commute into consideration.

Hope that is of some use smile

OohGaryBarlow Wed 17-Jun-09 10:50:45

Meant to say that I am sure you wouldn't be able to work solely from home, but maybe you could negotiate only maybe one or two office days a week?

WhatWoodYouDo Wed 17-Jun-09 10:52:12

Thanks OGB
Do you know whether her maternity pay stopped at the first trust and then resumed at the next one? Or did yours just pay it all the way through? I really want this job (I think - the JD would be useful ) just hope the fact I wouldn't be starting for a while doesn't go against me.
They actually don't mention flexible working (ie. hours), sorry got confused, just home and remote working.
I doubt they'd have an on site nursery as it's not a hospital, but what I'd probably do (having thought this through in the last 10 mins) is look for a local childminder (next door recommended one) for when I'm working from home, and drop the DCs off with mum / MIL if I do have to travel down - they are all retired / retiring and want to spend more time looking after DGCs, so I'm very lucky. Hopefully DS1 will stay at his nursery for now, or maybe pre-school + childminder - will have to try to keep his disruption to a minimum.

WhatWoodYouDo Wed 17-Jun-09 11:01:02

hmm, one day a week might be OK, as long as they don't expect me there for 9! Suppose I'll just have to call and see what they say!
Thanks for your help especially with the transferring while on Mat Leave thing, that was the bit that I was wondering about most.

OohGaryBarlow Wed 17-Jun-09 11:36:53

What she has done is stayed with our trust until the end of her Mat leave, but with a written job offer which starts on the day she is due back to work.
It means that our trust has paid her for the whole of her leave and then the new one pays her on her return. She could have moved it half way through, but I think it was just less hassle to do it that way!

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