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can anyone help re non payment of wages

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pinkyporker Tue 09-Jun-09 22:06:49

DH works for an agency on a full time contract that is contracted to a large manufacturing firm. Basically a few weeks ago his friend didn't get paid.The agency gave him a chq. The following thursday the chq bounced and the agency told everyone else that they would not be paid for 3 weeks as the firm had not paid the agency.DH belongs to a trade union but the rep said that as only 23% of the workforce belonged to the TA they could not strike. Also the TA would not get involved for a month over wages dispute. My DH walked out and said he wanted it sorted by the end of the week. this was the thursday he returned on the tuesday after bank holiday and they said they will not pay him for the bank holiday. So 3 weeks have passed with no money and now the agency have said they will repay the money at £50 a week which is not good enough. We have monthly bills. Thinking about going to the papers.
Also they we DH for the bank holiday at the start of may as they mucked up wages and still haven't sorted it.

So can anyone tell us where we stand?

callmeovercautious Tue 09-Jun-09 22:14:26

If you work for an agency you work for them, not the client. The agency is spinning a line, it is them that owes the money.

Get Dh to take all his pay slips, contracts etc to the CAB and see if they can help put some pressure on them.

Good Luck.

teenyshoes Wed 10-Jun-09 22:07:27

Contact ACAS. I did this a while back as a company was with-holding my wages. They advised me to send the company a letter stating that they were with-holding my wages illegally and to give them a deadline when they had to pay. I did this and got paid within a few days. I think it scared them, as I mentioned that I had contacted ACAS. Go to their website, they have a lot of information.

Good luck.

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