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End of temporary contract/renewal of contract

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nellynaemates Mon 08-Jun-09 20:37:32

I work for a Scottish local authority in a secondary school and I'm on a temporary contract (til the end of the school term - 1st July).

I know that my position will definitely still be there for the autumn term and that I am wanted by my department but they're not in charge of contracts, staffing services are. I've had no indication of whether my contract will be renewed or when I can expect to find out, can I chase them up? Will it do any good if I do? I've heard stories from colleagues about not getting a new contract until the first day of the new term (it allows them to avoid paying you for summer hols) and I'd really like to avoid this. Apart from anything else my son's in full time nursery and I'm terrified of paying for 6 weeks and not having a job at the end of it. Any advice greatly welcomed!!

Thank you.

lal123 Mon 08-Jun-09 20:44:39

the local authority should have a policy on fixed term contracts, their review dates etc - ask staffing services for a copy. Our place (NHS) has a policy where fixed term contracts need to be reviewed at least one month before they end. If they end your contract and then intend to start a new one I guess you should againcontact staffing to find out when you'll find out?

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