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Any recruitment / HR people out there - especially CIVIL SERVICE / MOD ?

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BennyAndJoon Mon 08-Jun-09 20:11:31

I am applying for a job (MOD IT support thingy - D grade) after redundancy earlier this year.

I am filling in an online form and have to put in a supporting statement which states:-

"Your supporting statement should demonstrate how you have gained and used any competences required and the knowledge and experience you could bring to the post. It is particularly important that you give clear examples of all relevant employment stating your duties and responsibilities at the time. You should also describe the qualities you consider you could bring to the job and highlight any other relevant information in support of your application."

There are 4 competencies on the spec, and each of these has a list of what skills the competency covers on a separate doc. Am I expected to bullet point this, or write a prose essay. How much detail?




BennyAndJoon Mon 08-Jun-09 21:16:18


I know it is boring

Tumbleweed depresses me though

DottyDot Mon 08-Jun-09 21:21:47

Well I'm not MOD but I'm DH/NHS which is probably similar!

If it was me, I'd put a couple of sentences on each skill within the 4 competencies. I know it's a pain but that way, if you can put an example by each one, you're a lot more likely to get shortlisted as you will have demonstrated you meet the criteria.

I wouldn't bullet point but I would put each competency as a heading and then write about each one, covering each skill, then leave a small gap and head up the next section with the next competency so it's really clear you've covered each one.

Good luck..! smile

KatyMac Mon 08-Jun-09 21:21:59

Goodness it was a long time ago for me

Umm Competencieso

I seem to remember I had to write a mini essay:
What I wanted/needed to do
How I did it
What the outcome was

& surprisingly failing to achieve my goal was OK as long as I understood why & would achieve it next time

I went on a course.....can you tell?

jkklpu Mon 08-Jun-09 21:22:07

They cite the 4 most important competences as the civil service recruitment process (internal) is based on competences rather than experience. So, the point is that you give examples of your fantastic levels of competence in these areas, using specific job-related evidence. Fine to do bullet point for the competence but probably better to do sentences in the evidence. No need for a single continuous narrative. And do use some of the terms in the competence framework as that's what it's there for and shows you've read it properly. The interview will be competence-based as well.

For IT jobs, also well worth mentioning how you've kept your skills up-to-date off your own bat, eg online learning/paid for your own training courses/read yourself into new technologies. And probably good to give examples of how you are good at talking about technology to non-tech people, while remaining credible with the techies (even if you don't have too much specific evidence of this).

Do they ask about vetting at this stage or are you already vetted from previous jobs? Good luck with it.

hf128219 Mon 08-Jun-09 21:22:31

I am a civil servant and dh is Army! You will have to show how you have demonstrated each competency in prose. Is there not a word limit?

Lizzylou Mon 08-Jun-09 21:22:53

Sorry, I work in recruitment, but never have application forms to deal with (Legal).

I would personally pick each competency and then give as many examples as you can about how you match them. Be as concise as possible, not bullet points as such, but paragraphs, I would say. Then do a personal statement where you mention anything over and above the competencies required that would fit with the role.

But I have not done an application form in an age, sorry.

Just didn't want to leave you panicking!

Lizzylou Mon 08-Jun-09 21:24:10

Phew, people in the know have got there first!

BennyAndJoon Mon 08-Jun-09 21:29:40

Thank you

God I fecking love MN

Right - headings for the 4 main competencies, then explain underneath what how why etc

I love you all

((ps - I said to DH (raf) do I do prose or bullets or ask MN, he said "the last one" grin)

KatyMac Mon 08-Jun-09 21:32:29

BTW on my course we had to fit it into the box......not go outside the lines sad aren't they

DottyDot Mon 08-Jun-09 21:34:43

Yes - sounds good. I have to shortlist in my job and the thing you're looking for when you're shortlisting are candidates that make life easy for you! grin

So headings, nicely spaced and answer each skill required so that the shortlisters don't have to think too much is always the way to go..!

hf128219 Mon 08-Jun-09 21:39:29

Also do not be afraid to use an example from home/private life if you do not have a work example.

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