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I loathe my job but cannot do without the money and in this economy, cannot find anything else. Anyone else in the same boat?

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BellaBartois Sun 07-Jun-09 18:24:44

I am finding it tough and very hard to motivate myself going to work every day.

I'm permanently looking for another job but can't find one.

My boss is an arse, a controlling arse who expects work to be done at the drop of a hat - such work that would normally take weeks or months of research. And then when he takes it forward, he craps on everyone for it not being perfect or brilliant despite the fact that everyone points out that the deadlines are completely unreasonable in our industry. He says he doesn't care. What he wants goes which is why he is the boss.

The only reason people stay in the company is because they can't find anywhere else to go.

HecatesTwopenceworth Sun 07-Jun-09 21:39:47

Sorry you're in this situation. It's tough, esp in this climate. Just keep looking and keep your fingers crossed and I hope you find something soon.

Have you considered looking nationally and being prepared to relocate?

tribpot Sun 07-Jun-09 21:47:37

"what he wants goes which is why he's the boss" - no definitely not. He sounds like a complete shithead, so sorry that you have to work with him. This is not what the boss-bossee relationship is meant to be like, he is, as you say, a control freak.

Do his bosses know what a pain in the arse he is?

Ewe Sun 07-Jun-09 21:48:57

ME! Actually, I don't loathe my job, I love my job. I just can't stand the bitch I work for!

MaryBS Sun 07-Jun-09 21:50:48

Yes, I was like that, but then the company shut the office, we were all out of a job, and I'm now unemployed and looking for another job!

Many sympathies for you though!

BellaBartois Sun 07-Jun-09 22:14:50

oh sorry MaryBS, that you are out of a job now. I suppose I need to be thankful for small mercies.

I can't relocate due to dh's job unfortunately.

Yes, his bosses know what he is like tribpot but they think he is brilliant because he gets results. There are only 2 people more senior than him in the whole group and one of them thinks it's funny that he's like that hmm.

Yes, I will have to keep on looking I guess .

MaryBS Mon 08-Jun-09 07:37:20

Its not all bad though, we're surviving at the moment, and I felt like a weight had been lifted from me, once the job ended.

PavlovtheCat Mon 08-Jun-09 07:44:52

I don't dislike the work I do, but I do not like the (government) organisation I work for, it has an inherent bullying culture, is bitchy, cliquey and a really unpleasant place to work.

But the money is good, and it is impossible to get another job of the same salary level especially as I have slowed down developing career opportunities. I live in South Devon and its very slow down here workwise. If I was prepared to move to London or similar, I would probably be ok, but its too much money. And as I am now pregnant, this is not going to happen for a good few years now, what with maternity leave in November then needing to return for a while to build skills back up first.

I am just counting down the days to maternity leave, which is a shame, as like I said, the actual work I do, the nature of my work, i love very much. DH is not working, so I am hoping he is in a secure better paid job than before by the time I return so I can reduce my hours to 0.5 with the two children needing me.

LeninGrad Mon 08-Jun-09 17:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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