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changing job roles in nhs - where on payscale

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tink123 Sun 07-Jun-09 17:42:36

Hi, I am currently almost top band 5 and have interview for another post on wednesday - band 3. It is a completely different role. Does anyone know if I will go to top of band 3 automatically or is it discretional???

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 07-Jun-09 17:46:28

oh, it's a nightmare. sorry.
but be ready for a fight.

as it's a completely different role you will probably start at the beginning of band 3, unless your manager can justify any of your relevant experience.

i am moving from band 6 to band5 and have dropped 3 points, despite my current salary being on the overlap between 5/6.

i won't bore you with the details but agenda for change is not consistent between trusts as it is supposed to be. tis a pile o shite, i tell ye. smile

i would find out from the relevant HR,before you accept any position.

tink123 Sun 07-Jun-09 18:01:10

I'm not leaving band 5 post even if successful as only bank work so if they try and drop me onto low band three, will turn down job and keep working on bank. No loss. I can afford to drop to top band 3 but not lower. Going from nursing to admin.

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