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Been offered voluntary redundancy and its unfair

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emsicals Fri 05-Jun-09 22:23:32

i work part time. Was full time as a marketing manager but demoted when i came back part time. Girl i work beside is full time on less wages than me. She has just found out she is pregnant. we do the same job now. ive worked 6 years, she has worked 1. we were both told that our department was overstaffed so were offered job share. accepted this and suzie has since went to my boss saying that her reduced hours of 20 is not going to work for her. She lost 15 hours per week and i lost 2 hours in the job share. This morning my boss and the financial director have said the job share is no longer available and it is only a 35 hour post for one person so we have both been given the chance to volunteer redundancy. I only work 18 hours and they have offered one and half weeks wage for the 6 years ive worked if i volunteer. i would get more than suzie as she has only been there a year but it seems they want me to volunteer as they have drafted up my potential payment. i think they have done this to give suzie all the hours and i will take redundancy. Is this fair? I dont want to be made redundant. they say they have no money but they are taking on new employees and employed a sales manager at 45k per year and are planning on aquiring a new business in scotland. There is a general admin post that they want to fill but have not offered it to me, instead they say one of us will have to be made redundant. Any thoughts?

cazzybabs Fri 05-Jun-09 22:29:58

i don;t know naything about this ... but i thought they ouldn't make you reduntant if they had the same job opeb..I would speak to your union

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