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Anyone in IT who can advise?

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BecauseImWorthIt Thu 04-Jun-09 11:23:38

DH is a project manager for RBS and is in the consultation process for redundancy at the moment.

If he is made redundant or takes VR, he will be looking for a job in the new year.

He is fairly pessimistic about job opportunities, not least because there will be all the other fellow redundees (is that a word?!) on the job market, but also because he is 51.

I don't know anything about the IT market but would appreciate some help from those who do as to what he should do/if there jobs going - anything really!


trixymalixy Thu 04-Jun-09 13:47:12

My DH is project manager for an extremely large IT company.

He's quite worried about redundancies as well.

I would definitely not be taking VR as I don't think there's a lot out there at the moment.

I have been keeping an eye on job opportunities and there are some for project managers in other areas if he would be prepared to change areas.

mistlethrush Thu 04-Jun-09 14:01:08

Its really grim. The co. Dh worked in went into administration in Jan - still no luck. Where 30 or so CVs used to be submitted for a job, they're now getting 2 - 300.

Blackduck Thu 04-Jun-09 14:09:04

friend is a IT PM he said 300-400 applications for every vacancy.... he has just landed a permie job, 6 there IS work out there, but it depends on your experience, willingness to travel etc. etc.

ZZMum Thu 04-Jun-09 14:16:05

I work in IT and it is indeed dire - a recent contractor job on a low rate in London had 400 applicants.. I think it will be worse for PMs as a lot of projects are being cancelled due to lack of cap ex and other cut backs.. sorry to be so negative. bit as blackduck says there are jobs out there... no reason why he can not be the one to get it.

personally though I would not wait until new year to start looking.. start now!!

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 04-Jun-09 14:32:52

He may not have the option to take VR - they're looking to achieve a target via VR/early retirement and if this isn't reached then it will be compulsory.

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