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Jobseekers Attendence interviews

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TheBightyMoosh Tue 02-Jun-09 14:22:50

I've just started claiming Jobseekers Allowance and as part of this entitlement, I have to attend an interview with the Job Centre every two weeks to say what I've been up to, what jobs I've been applying for etc.

One of the jobs I've applied for has contacted me, and asked me for an interview (yay!!) but it happens to be the same time as my Job Centre interview. I phoned the job centre to re-arrange, as I don't want to miss the appointment and lose out on any benefits. But they advised me that my appointment with them is fixed and it can't be re-arranged. They also advised me that I would therefore have to miss their interview and contact them afterwards to explain why I missed it, and then maybe they'll be able to re-arrange it, but it might affect my benefits! It seems ridiculous to me that I can't re-arrange their interview and in effect, they are forcing me to miss my slot with them. I will then be on record as a non- attender or late attender, which could mean that I miss out on benefits, because I have a job interview.

Does this sound right? Has anyone else had experience of this? Any advice gratefully received!!

Thanks in advance!

BBisfinallyPG Tue 02-Jun-09 19:28:52

that is fricking ridiculous! obviously your appointment for interview is more important, could you go job centre directly afterwards? i would be looking to talk to a manager cos that is not on!

FWIW when i was a tad younger my chum missed an appt, and nothing happened, he just lied about his reason

littleducks Tue 02-Jun-09 19:38:01

who did you talk to? do you have a personal advisor who you sign with? could you ask them directly?

terramum Tue 02-Jun-09 19:46:39

I would personally kick up a BIG stink if they are asking you to rearrange a job interview. This is NOT acceptable. Call every number you have for your local JC & ask to speak to a line manager/supervisor and raise an official complaint. If you still get nowhere try your MP.

DH is on JSA and had an interview last week that clashed with his sign on appt so he rang to rearrange it the week before. They refused to let him rearrange it for a different day but were happy for him to go in early and sign on. Not all job interviews can be rearranged - DH's couldn't as they had a very high volume of people applying for it....and the Job Centre should know this...DH's interview was with the DWP!

TheBightyMoosh Wed 03-Jun-09 15:30:58

I've tried contacting my personal adviser, but there is never any answer when I call. There is only one other number, which is the number I called originally. Now it is constantly engaged. It is soooooo frustrating! It just feels like I am being penalised because I'm actually making an effort to stop claiming JSA!

I will keep trying to call, but if I don't get through, I am just going to going after my interview and see what happens. If there is any suggestion that my benefit will be affected I will certainly make some noise!

Thanks for all the advice.

TheBightyMoosh Thu 04-Jun-09 11:54:35

Well, the issue solved itself as I was offered a job from an interview I attended last week - so I didn't need to attend the job interview today after all! I am a very happy bunny!

terramum Thu 04-Jun-09 12:11:51

Congratulations! grin

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