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Advice re; proving ID for European Work Contract??

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mummyflood Mon 01-Jun-09 08:52:17

Hi. First post in this section, so hope this makes sense/isn't a daft question.

A few weeks ago, my line manager asked us all to bring in our NI cards to be photocopied and sent to Head Office. This apparently was so they could verify that we are eligible to work in this country. We have all now done this.

A couple of days ago, we were then asked to bring in our passports for copying. The initial explanation was that the copies of the NI cards were not very good and they needed something else. Then when I asked my boss to clarify, she muttered something about Head Office needing a copy of our passports for our European Work Contract??

I am reluctant to provide further personal documents to be honest, and wonder if IABU. We haven't had any official letter or anything - just a muttered comment from our line manager in a noisy staff room as we were all about to start work. It's not that I've anything at all to hide, I just don't particularly want to provide so much personal detail to be photocopied and sent off somewhere. The Company are not the most admin-orientated people and frequently 'lose' paperwork. They often ask us to 'sign to acknowlege we have seen a letter re; policy changes, etc.' without actually showing us the letter in question

AIBU to be wary? The way I see it, I have been with the Co. over a year, they have my tax and NI records together with a large amount of personal info from my application form - DOB, references, etc, I live locally and have done for the past 12.5 years, etc. etc. and no-one I know i.e. friends/family has ever been asked for anything similar to this, nor do they know what I am referring to re; European Work Contract!!


BonsoirAnna Mon 01-Jun-09 08:58:52

I think you are being a bit silly - it really is perfectly reasonable for your employer to ask you to provide your passport as proof of your identity.

skinnyontheinside Mon 01-Jun-09 16:02:15

I had to do this recently and was given a list of things I could use and the NI cards could only be used with another form of ID. I gave them a copy of my birth certificate which was ok on its own.

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