What is the difference between purchase ledger and sales ledger

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AlwaysTheMummy Wed 27-May-09 14:09:36

I'm applying for a job as a purchase ledger clerk, now I'm sure I've been in purchase and sales ledger roles but im not sure which is which, sorry but im a bit dim lol.

In one job, we supplied the goods and clients bought from us, they would send in orders and payments

In the other job, we contracted people to do work on our behalf, they would send in their invoices and we would pay them.

Im sure its a very simple answer but i just want to be sure.

Thanks in advance xx

Iklboo Wed 27-May-09 14:11:01

Purchase ledger = stuff the company buys
Sales ledger = stuff the company sells to others

AlwaysTheMummy Wed 27-May-09 14:20:13

see i thought it was that way round but i need things explained in laymans terms, thanks you Iklboo

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