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teacher trying to get flexiblel hours- any advice

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rubyroo Wed 04-May-05 19:24:37

went back to work in sept 04 after maternity leave and asked to drop down to .8 wasn't given full day have to work 2 hours on a monday split over lunch and start at 11.00 on a weds have requested a full day for next year have been told that the demands of the timetable have to come first and that it might be split like this next year. feel so depressed can hardly drag myself to work. union advised asking for jobshare instead but can't afford any less than .8 have been a teacher for 10yrs never thought i'd feel like this no longer know what to do

geogteach Wed 04-May-05 19:37:19

Lots of sympathy to you, no real advice but i've been in a similar position over my .6 timetable too many times to mention. going back after half term after 3rd child still don't know what days of the week I need child care for 3 children! I'm jacking it in this time, I think some heads handle this better than others, probably not what you want to hear but any chance of you (or the head) changing school?

rubyroo Wed 04-May-05 21:15:13

thanks for sympathy funnily enough head has just resigned but unsure if senior management team will take any more sympathetic view. can't resign as am main breadwinner. feel trapped basically. sociology is my main subject so lots of exam classes and stress!

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