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Has anyone done there nurse training on secondment from the nhs

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lukeysmummy Sat 09-May-09 17:14:26

im currently a occupational therapy assistant employed by the nhs who are currently offering secondment for people interested in doing there nurse training and you can apply if you have a nvq3 which i do have on the email it says holdays are set by uni however i have already booked flights for oz in jan which we will be away for 3 weeks 2 days and im assuming nurse training starts in september do you reckon i have any hope of getting in as
a-im therapy staff
b - i have a holiday booked
i have always wanted to do the nurse side of things and the secondment means i could financially afford to do it


endless Sat 09-May-09 17:22:36

You will only find out if you enquire with the uni.
I am sure that they accomodate pre booked holidays.

Give them a bell, there is bound to be a way around it.

endless Sat 09-May-09 17:22:58

good luck btw, why do you want to become a nurse?

lukeysmummy Sat 09-May-09 17:30:24

not sure why i want to be a nurse but i always did but took the job as an ot assistant as i had the right qualifications i do enjoy my job but want to be something more and cant afford to study full time without a wage to be come a ot i actually want to be a mental health nurse i think

i was going to appply and what will be will be

fledtoscotland Sun 10-May-09 01:24:28

when i did my training (not that long ago) you werent permitted to take holiday during term time as you are required by the NMC to have completed so many hours theory and some many hours practical to be eligible to apply for your registration at the end of the course.

sorry but i think 3 weeks is pushing it. one week you could get away with. our university gave us extra study if we were off sick so as to make up the hours

twinklytoes Sun 10-May-09 22:09:51

my husband completed his second nurse qualification under secondment. at our local uni you would manage to get the 3weeks but you'd be doing back to back practice hours in the weeks before to get the time. theory hours would be ok as long as assignments were in on time.

we have also seconded OTassistants into nurse training as well as psychology graduates and nursing assistants.

another bonus of secondment is that you can get reduced council tax as you are deemed a full time student despite earning your salary.

our uni also starts some courses in jan and april so you might be able to delay start time.

good luck.

megcleary Sun 10-May-09 22:15:43

does anyone have details on this secondment scheme I have a colloeague who would be interested i it

twinklytoes Sun 10-May-09 22:26:58

in our trust you need to be an employee for 2yrs before they consider you and have the nvq3 if you don't already meet the requirement for a university entrance to get on a nursing diploma. the nhs trust training department will have details of how to apply. ours usually send an email out once a year to gain interest. applicants have to pass the internal application to gain funding and then gain university acceptance.

fledtoscotland Sun 10-May-09 22:36:15

thats the same as our trust twinklytoes. they have annual applications where you have a panel interview to discuss your application.

megcleary - i would get your colleague to talk to HR or the person responsible to personal development within the trust

supersalstrawberry Sun 10-May-09 22:43:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lukeysmummy Sun 10-May-09 22:49:40

where i am they dont do ot on secondment and with 3 kids and a mortgage i cant afford without a wage even though hubby does have a good wage the bursary on ot is no where near what i earn
i actually dont mind either nursing or ot i work right along side nurses so understand there job
i thought i would apply and see what happens so fingers crossed the closing date is tomorrow and i havent done my apllication as yet i will do it tomorrow while the kids are at school
thanks for the advice at least its not all negative

fledtoscotland Sun 10-May-09 22:56:37

go for it and good luck

supersalstrawberry Sun 10-May-09 23:06:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lukeysmummy Mon 11-May-09 08:02:53

i work on a stroke rehab ward which i love also as an assistant im given a lot of the qualifieds stuff to do which i love as i feel its there way of saying that im able to do it also the girls i work with say i would make a fab ot its purely financial but like i said earlier i have always fancied nursing as well its totlly a 50/50split between the 2

supersalstrawberry Mon 11-May-09 20:01:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lukeysmummy Mon 11-May-09 20:38:00

yes done it so we will see

lukeysmummy Fri 12-Jun-09 16:17:23


o shit i have got an interview its on the 23rd of june and i amn now crapping myself as i have no idea what to swat up on

twinklytoes Fri 12-Jun-09 21:29:17

congratulations. you'll be fine. I think most interviews will be about why you want to do it, the experiences you;ve had etc.

google nursing process, care planning, care pathways and chat with the nurses on your ward. maybe a newly qualified who's just been through the same university to see what they have been covering.

good luck.

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