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How to word the 'I'm pregnant' email to my manager

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lynniep Tue 05-May-09 12:42:56

I just started a new email to let my boss know I'm pregnant - she does know already but I think its time to let her 'formally' know - and this email will be escalated so I need it to be less casual.

I am stuck - even at what I put in the subject line! Someone help please. I know it only has to be a short one but I don't know where to start smile

HaventSleptForAYear Tue 05-May-09 12:44:25

Don't email.

Write a letter (even if it's a short one).

southeastastra Tue 05-May-09 12:45:43

just head it: maternity leave?

EyeballsisonaDietAgain Tue 05-May-09 12:45:59

Just put something like Formal Notification of Pregnancy in the subject line.

Depends what stage you're at and how much you want to say in the email. Are you at the point of discussing leave yet?

EyeballsisonaDietAgain Tue 05-May-09 12:46:44

Was going to say attach letter rather than write in email but was beaten to it.

MissPiggyHasTheFlu Tue 05-May-09 12:47:18

Agree write a letter.

Dear ....

Following our recent conversation I would just like to confirm my pregnancy - with a due date of .....

I am available to dscuss the implications with you at a more suitable time.



lynniep Tue 05-May-09 12:47:39

I'm only 14 weeks. Its just that my boss has resigned and leaves in a fortnight, and as I work from home I never see any of the 'higher' management and dont know who's taking over her role. Therefore I want to get it acknowledged before she goes because I feel comfortable letting her know specifically, and want her to pass it to the 'right' people.

traceybath Tue 05-May-09 12:47:47

I'd probably put 'News' as the subject and just write:

Further to our recent conversation this is just to confirm the happy news that i'm pregnant.

Please let me know what further information you may require from me and i'll advise you of any ante-natal appointments as soon as possible.

sweetheart Tue 05-May-09 12:48:28

Put something like......

In line with the government guidelines it is my responsability to inform you that I am pregnant. My estimated due date is...... and I will notify you of my intention to take maternity leave in due course.

lynniep Tue 05-May-09 12:49:13

thanks everyone this is really helpful smile

HolidaysQueen Tue 05-May-09 12:50:38

Just found mine (I save the randomest stuff!) I sent it to HR ccing my boss and head of dept (as I had already told them in person).

Titled it "Notification of Pregnancy" and said: "I am writing to inform you that I am pregnant. I have already informed my manager X and head of dept Y. My EWC is week commencing XXXXX. Please let me know if you need this in writing or whether this email is sufficient for official notification."

BlingDreaming Tue 05-May-09 12:54:10

Don't write a letter. Email is fine. really. If they want it as a letter, they can print out the email! grin

lynniep Tue 05-May-09 13:04:01

Have got 'Update' in the header ( I dont want to put anything like 'pregnancy' or 'maternity' in the header in case someone sees over her shoulder!

Dear **

Following our recent conversation I would just like to officially confirm my pregnancy - with a due date of 5th November.

Obviously it’s quite early on and therefore I will not have paperwork such as maternity certificate until approximately mid-June. However I’m letting you know as I may require time off now and then for ante-natal appointments.

If you could please forward this to the appropriate people I would appreciate that. As I’m only 14 weeks, I’d also appreciate witholding the news from the team just now as I’ve had some issues with the pregnancy to date and I’d rather not announce anything just yet.

Please let me know if you need this in writing or whether this email is sufficient for official notification.



sound ok??

BlingDreaming Tue 05-May-09 13:06:08


HolidaysQueen Tue 05-May-09 14:11:52

looks perfect

lynniep Tue 05-May-09 16:13:19

cheers me dears!

Greensneeze Tue 05-May-09 16:14:02

beautifully worded

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